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Looking for stunning plants near Seaford to decorate the rooms and hallway in your house? Look no further. We have a wide range of indoor plants that can add to the decorations of your home and to the quality of air indoors, making it a refreshing feeling to breathe even if your home does not have enough ventilation.

Our range of plants near Seaford Looking for plants near Seaford? At The Bloom Factory in Eastbourne we have a great range of house plants, succulent plants and flowering plants!

We have always kept to an approach of subtle completeness when it comes to providing our customers' flowers. While we are known better for our popular bouquets, plants have always had a special place in our hearts. One of our specialised product lines is made for lovers of indoor plants. This range includes the following options:

  • House Plants: A variety of houseplants await you in The Bloom Factory. We have limited our love for plants to the indoors because we like to offer our products and services with utmost quality and customer care. Our range of indoor plants and the expertise we have in this particular aspect of growing plants are proof of that.
  • Succulent Plants: Our focus on indoor plants has led to a great amount of love for succulents, which grow proudly inside rooms and keep the air healthy. Our succulents include cacti, String of Pearls, Jade Plant, Aloe Vera, Umbrella Plant, Ponytail Plant, and many more.
  • Flowering Plants: Of course, we can never neglect flowers in our stock regardless of what we sell. Many of the indoor plants we have in our inventory are flowering plants. We have orchids and a few others to refresh the look of your room and add some colour to it.

Getting succulent plants from The Bloom Factory

With many years of experience in the industry, we understand that variety is one of the most important things most customers would like us to have. Since a lot of people are not always sure exactly what indoor plant they want during a visit to The Bloom Factory or our web shop, it is important to have a variety of options available for them so they can pick the best option they have.

Thus, to satisfy as many customers as possible without going beyond our specialties, we maintain a sizeable range in all product categories, and deliver plants near Seaford to the doorstep of our regular customers in the area all the time. Buying succulents from us, you are buying the expertise of a team who specialise in indoor plants, particularly succulents and cacti.

Taking care of your indoor plants and orchids

Speaking of expertise, here are a few tips for you about how to maintain a healthy growth for your succulents, indoor plants, and flowering plants that grow in similar conditions. Such advanced understanding of how to keep them looking their best actually only requires you to learn the following three tips:

Ensure Drainage: When you bring home a potted succulent, make sure the container has a good drainage hole. While your succulent will not die due to the lack of a drainage hole in the container, you will have to put in a lot of effort to keep it looking good. It also leads to the importance of using good soil that does not stay wet for long. So, pick your soil keeping in mind it must drain fast and well.

  • Avoid Spraying: A lot of fancy looking spray guns are available in the market these days. While they are a good instrument to make the flowers in your vase fresh, they are actually quite unhealthy for your indoor plants, especially succulents, such as a cactus plant. That is because sprayed water does not go into the roots of the plant in sufficient quantities, which is one of the key things affecting a succulent’s health and growth. Instead, use a deep water container with one outlet/spout.
  • Avoid Over-Watering Them: Succulents drink up all the water they find in the soil, and they do need it. So, make sure you soak your soil properly. At the same time, make sure you only water the plant once the soil look completely dry, which usually takes about a couple of days.
  • Succulents grow on to look incredibly beautiful if they are taken care of properly and watered regularly with the right amounts. The tips above should keep you ready to help your succulents grow from the very first one you get without experimenting with their watering schedule and killing many in the process.

Order your favourite indoor plants online

We keep the highlights of our indoor plants inventory available on our web store. However, we are always updating the online store. So, you may not see a lot of the options you have in the webshop just yet. Call us today with inquiries for plants near Seaford and we will share our complete list with you right away. Or visit the Florist Cafe for an impression of the many plants we stock.

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