Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata otherwise known as ‘Mother in law’s tongue’, Snake plant, and Sanseveria.  Are native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria to the Congo.

Known for its  long, sturdy vertical leaves. As well as its’ hardiness and fast-growing foliage. The snake plant is a popular plant choice of interior designers, who use it to add height into homes and restaurants. It is famously low maintenance, and can survive in low light and is extremely drought tolerant (usually only needing watering monthly during the winter).  It is the perfect plant for beginners and plant connoisseurs alike.

Snake plant is also extremely easy to propagate. Once the plant has reached at least 4 inches tall, simply separate the plant at its roots and re-pot. Alternatively this plant can also be propagated through cuttings, or repotting offshoots.

If you have read our other blogs (air purifying plants). You may already know that the snake plant was found by NASA to be one of best house plants for purifying the air around us by removing toxins such as  formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air, and releases oxygen at night.

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