Euphorbia pulcherrima or more commonly known as the Poinsettia is found naturally growing in Mexico or central America. As with all plants native to tropical regions, Poinsettias love warm temperatures, bright lights and high humidity.

Remember low humidity will turn the leaves on your plant crispy and brown! While condensation build up will turn the plant yellow. To prevent condensation building up move your plant away from windows at night, and water by placing the bottom of your plant pot into a bowl of water. The roots will absorb as much as the plant needs. Just make sure not to leave the plant sitting in water after it’s finished drinking, otherwise the plant will develop root rot! Repot the plant once its colours begin to fade.

Did you know the red parts of a poinsettia are not actually part of the flower? They are just the leaves that surround the small yellow flowers that grow in the centre of the plant!





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