Pitcher Plants (grow your own bug control!)

Nepenthes or Asian pitcher plants (depending on the variety) are a type of carnivorous plant that has become a popular house plant over the last few years. Found growing naturally in tropical regions all over the world in areas where the soil is low in nutrients . The pitcher plant requires a pot with good drainage, direct sunlight and high levels of humidity. Make sure to keep the soil moist during the growing season!(April – October)

But how does the plant survive if it grows in low nutrient soil I hear you ask!  Well, as mentioned above the pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant. Meaning that this beautiful house plant can help keep your house bug free!  It does this by trapping those creepy crawlies inside its ‘pitcher’ which is filled with a digestive liquid. (Much like your stomach.) The plant then absorbs the nitrogen from the bugs. In the same way most plants would feed through their roots.

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