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Spathiphyllum Wallisii (aka Peace Lily) are a extremely popular house plant. brought to Europe in 1870 by Gustav Wallis who found the plant in the Colombian jungle. Peace lilies are famous for there thin stemmed white flowers and glossy green leaves. But don’t let the name Peace Lily fool you! These beautiful plants don’t actually belong to the Lily family but the Aroids family. In fact, the name Peace Lily refers to the tall white flowers (mentioned earlier) which are said to look like the international symbol of peace a white flag.

The Peace Lily is known for being a tad over dramatic. This is because the leaves like to shrivel and wilt when it is in need of watering. But don’t panic! The leaves normally spring back into life within a day of being watered. You may find it useful to keep a plant mister around, as Peace Lilies are native to tropical regions of the Americas and south-eastern Asia, they love high humidity, filtered (but indirect) sunlight and a rich, loose potting soil.

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