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Searching for a professional florist in Eastbourne? Look no further! The Bloom Factory was established to provide flower lovers in the country the perfect one-stop-shop for floral products and services for every occasion where flowers could play a part. From celebrations of joy to mourning a dear one’s passing, we are always there for our customers and making things better for them with our flowers.

Product categories of the ultimate florist in Eastbourne Looking for a florist Eastbourne? The Bloom Factory is a great flower shop for all your bouquets, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, corporate flowers, indoor plants and cacti!

The Bloom Factory is known for its quirky selection of specialties and business domains. Unlike most garden centres and businesses related to horticulture, we have kept our activities limited mainly to flowers, indoor succulent plants, gifts, and a florist cafe.

  • Flower Shop: We take pride in delivering flowers to our customers across the country. Our new online webshop is being populated with our products, but it is designed to provide you images and other important details about every product so you know what you are buying.
  • Bouquets: We have long list of specialised bouquets that are created for every occasion, using the ideal flowers and colours to deliver the perfect impression for the occasion. We can deliver bouquets to any address in the UK the next day you order it with a cute greeting card and your personalised message. We do not charge a penny for delivering your bouquets.
  • Wedding Flowers: Roses, lilies, orchids, limoniums, and many more kinds of flowers are included in our wedding services. Our expert team can take over your venue’s decorations and give you the perfect floral wedding with corsages, boutonnieres, bridal bouquets, and much more. 
  • Funeral Flowers: We also have a number of products in place for funerals and other sad occasions where your gift of a beautiful flower can help your loved ones heal faster and connect with the beauty life has to offer. Our sympathy flowers are helping people recover from their loss so much faster.
  • Corporate Flowers: Corporate events could do with some floral goodness as well. As long as you are working with an expert florist in Eastbourne, you can have flowers included perfectly into bringing some colour and life to your corporate event without going over the line.
  • Flowers for Restaurants: Apart from a great menu, every good restaurant uses flowers to ideally create an ambience of freshness, liveliness, and elegance. Whether you want to use vases on your tables or decorate your walls every day, we can supply the perfect flowers for your restaurant.
  • Gift Shop: Our brand new gift shop is made to complement our key offerings and products. It includes items like scented candles, birthday cards, gift bags, picture frames, pet toys, and much more for our visitors.
  • Cactus Corner: Our customers know how much we love succulents―cactus in particular. We share our love for these beautiful plants in our special Cactus Corner where you can buy the most common tiny potted cacti as well as some of the rarest kinds and everything in between.
  • Indoor Plants: We also keep a selected stock of houseplants in our inventory so you can take nature straight into your bedroom. Indoor plants have many benefits, including freshness of indoor air and a marked improvement in the look of your house or office. Our experts can have you pick the perfect indoor plant to fit your needs.

The Bloom Factory: going beyond flowers

The Bloom Factory has always been about more than just any one idea or product line. Over time, we have established a unique set of offerings for customers looking to send flowers to their loved ones in times of joy or grief, to find the perfect cactus for their desk or bedroom, to find more options with indoor plants to decorate their home or offices with something made of nature, or to have a great afternoon in our florist cafe. We want to supply our customers with great experiences and memories they will cherish for years to come. This is why customers looking for more than an expert florist in Eastbourne often arrive at our doorstep.

Standard products and tailor-made creations

When it comes to building product lines, we have always been creative and expansive so that our standard products could tend to the needs of as many customers as possible. However, when you trade in something as flowers, for which just about every person has their own opinions and preferences, relying only on standard product lines would definitely affect your market coverage. With the ambition to never have to say no to a customer, we have occupied a team of experts and specialists. These professionals can help bring your ideas of flower arrangements to life with their creative minds and experienced hands. Working with us, you can build a completely unique bouquet for your best friend’s wedding, for example, or have a themed series of plants ready for your office hallways in no time.

Free delivery across the UK

Bouquets are our most popular product category and, for them, we offer a completely free-of-charge next-day delivery service. You can send flowers to any address in the UK with a lovely greeting card carrying your personalised message. How great is that?! Connect with us today and hire a great florist in Eastbourne, or two.

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