Cafe Eastbourne

Visited our cafe in Eastbourne yet? Every visitor who has been will say you are missing on a great experience, not to mention a great cup of tea. Our florist cafe looks like it has been made for flower lovers but even if you are not particularly enthusiastic about flowers, you will find our cafe’s decorations elegant and soothing. It is the perfect blend of a flower show and a cup of great coffee or tea.

The menu of our cafe in Eastbourne Looking for a cafe in Eastbourne? Visit the florist cafe at The Bloom Factory for tea, coffee, cake, lunch and gluten-free menu items!

When you visit our cafe, the first thing you will notice is the floral arrangement in the place. The second quality that we are sure you will like is the variety of our menu. From a full-on meal for your afternoon hunger to a small serving of cake to satisfy the craving, our menu will take care of your needs without exception:

  • Tea: What menu is an English restaurant or cafe could be complete without tea? Our selection of teas for service is also quite unusual. Apart from a traditional English cup of tea, we have Sussex cream tea, loose leaf tea, and many others to refresh you after a busy morning.
  • Coffee: If you are a coffee lover, you will not be disappointed by our brews. The menu at our cafe in Eastbourne offers latte, espresso, cappuccino, and other options for the coffee lovers who visit us.
  • Cake: Homemade cake is another specialty of ours and our customers are quite fond of them, too. We have traditional English cakes as well as other popular recipes in many flavours to take care of your sweet tooth.
  • Gluten-Free: Of course, the menu has most of the items in gluten-free options, and if you are particular about that, we also always keep soy milk and other milk substitutes available for our guests.
  • Lunch: If you are looking for a good meal, you will not be disappointed at The Bloom Factory’s cafe. We have a few options with traditional English lunches to satisfy you.

Enjoy the ambience of The Bloom Factory's florist cafe

Our florist cafe is the first of its kind in the whole of UK, and we are quite proud of the idea. The epiphany came to us while we thought about giving our visitors more entertainment after a trip to our premises for their favourite succulents or bouquets. We deliberated and decided we wanted to build you a traditional cafe filled with our favourite plants and flowers to keep the natural freshness of the green alive all around you while they have your favourite kind of tea with a piece of fresh homemade cake.

The ambience we have created at The Bloom Cafe is calming and, at the same time, refreshing. It relaxes you after a hectic morning and excites you with our array of options in the menu while the flowers and plants around you bring you closer to nature.

A cafe in Eastbourne with many uses

Our florist cafe is an ideal location for many kinds of meetings. You can arrange a business rendezvous for a small team if you are looking for unusual and refreshing settings. You can have a couple of tables reserved for a colleague’s farewell party.

There is also no end to the events you can have at our unique cafe when it comes to private parties. Birthdays, family lunches, tea parties, etc. However, the most popular purpose we have seen our cafe in Eastbourne getting used for is two friends taking time out of their busy schedules to have a cup of tea together after a while.

Bring your pet along

We love the plants our customers love just as we love their pets. Our florist cafe is dog-friendly. So, feel free to bring yours along when you visit us. It will be a treat if they like cake. Visit our florist cafe or our florist in Eastbourne this week and have a relaxing cup of tea with a friend.

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