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Introducing…. Our Naked Flower Collection!!

Here at The Bloom Factory we care about our planet. So we are pleased to introduce our Naked Flower collection. […]

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Bromeliads are a popular house plant with a vibrant flower shooting out the center of the plant. They grow naturally […]

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Keep your bouquets happy for longer!

Flowers can be the perfect gift for so many different occasions, but keeping them looking their best can be challenging, […]

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Begonias are one of those flowers that everybody seems to recognise even if they have no idea what they are […]

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Ilex aquifolium or more commonly known as European Holly is probably one of the first plants you think of when […]



Euphorbia pulcherrima or more commonly known as the Poinsettia is found naturally growing in Mexico or central America. As with […]

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Orchids make excellent gifts thanks to the beautiful flowers that they produce. So it’s no surprise that these stunning plants […]

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Christmas cactus

Schlumbergera or more commonly known as the Christmas cactus, unlike their desert dwelling relatives can be found growing in South-Eastern […]

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Pitcher Plants (grow your own bug control!)

Nepenthes or Asian pitcher plants (depending on the variety) are a type of carnivorous plant that has become a popular […]

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Spider Plants

The Spider Plant (Chrlorophytum cosmosum), is one of the worlds most common house plants. While they are native to tropical […]

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Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata otherwise known as ‘Mother in law’s tongue’, Snake plant, and Sanseveria.  Are native to tropical West Africa from […]

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A moment of peace

  Spathiphyllum Wallisii (aka Peace Lily) are a extremely popular house plant. brought to Europe in 1870 by Gustav Wallis […]