About us

We want to run a great business - delivering the best flowers for the best price - and we want people to love our shop - that's why we opened a 'Florist Cafe'.  When you love flowers, plants and coffee as much as we do - putting all these things together seemed the next natural step!

So why flowers?  Well, our boss, (Ian), has a long family history of horticulture dating back to the 1930’s, if not earlier - and has been involved in every aspect of the industry.  From growing flowers, fruit and veg in nurseries, retailing plants and trees in his families' garden centre, running a landscaping company, a garden consultancy, setting up and running a horticultural marketing and buying trade association, and later delivering online communication services to the trade through a horticultural web business.  He also ran a jolly fine coffee shop in his garden centre - so he is well placed to now move into this area of flowers and a cafe! 

We'd love to know what you think of all this - connect with us on social media, or send us an email at hello@thebloomfactory.co.uk.